DUI Lawyer Questions

Submitted DUI lawyer questions answered by Woodstock DUI lawyer Richard Lawson

Q: How long do I have to fight a suspension?

A: Appeal must be filed in 10 business days sent via certified mail with $150 filing fee

Q:  How long does a DUI case take to finish?

A: It takes at least 90 days to handle the ALS issues and the court process can take longer.   4-9 months is average.  If litigating in a larger jurisdiction like Fulton County it can take 1-3 years

Q: What is the difference between dui and dwi?

A: Nothing.  It’s just what some states call it.  However, some states have OWI (operating while impaired) and other lessor DUI offenses.  GA does not.

Q: What is aggravated DUI?

A: Someone is injured, someone killed.  Someone with multiple offenses.   Someone who has other major offenses with the DUI like hit and run

Q: Is a dui a felony?

A: 4th lifetime in GA, Or, if caught driving while HV after 3 in 5 years.  Or, if someone is seriously injured or killed.

Q: Can you get a DUI on a bike?

A: Debatable.  The stature say moving vehicle.  I think it’s over interrupted.  If it has a Motor (even a wheel chair) then for sure.

Q:  When should I get a lawyer for a DUI?

A: Right away.  The process starts for the State the moment you are pulled over  so you are already behind.


Q: DUI why do I need a lawyer?


A: Because you don’t want to go to jail or lose your license and you want the possibility to fight your case.


Q: DUI when does suspension start – when does license suspension start after DUI?

A: If there is no 10 day letter after 30 days.  Otherwise at conviction or if the ALS hearing is lost.


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